Brown Hearts Burn Bright

Snow Daze is a comic book created by writer, Leonardo Faierman and artist, Marcus Kwame Anderson. Loosely based on Leo’s experiences shoveling snow as a teen in Queens NY, the story concerns enterprising teens of color in a strange suburban land, navigating the bridge between childhood and adulthood. Tales of race and class struggles, family, friendship, conflict, humor and more unfold against the snowy mid-nineties backdrop of the town of Oxenvale, a suburb which is quickly becoming more diverse.

Part noir-tale, part silly adolescence, and part coming of age story, Snow Daze is a lavishly illustrated B&W urban pulp-fiction unlike anything else on the shelf.


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Team Snow Daze


Leonardo Faierman: Writer


Born in Buenos Aires but left at 2 years old. That was a weird day at school when I learned I’d never become president. Had to settle for astronaut dreams. In the past I’ve published some poetry (I’m talking Kinko’s), made some music, and slowly became a professional creative procrastinator with a fistful of unpaid bills. 31 years of age now, paper-pusher extraordinaire, a sleeper-agent waiting for the time to strike. I’ve been wanting to write comics for over 20 years. This is it.







Marcus Kwame Anderson: Artist


I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and moved to Albany, NY at an early age. I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember. A black nerd long before it became somewhat en vogue, I grew up drawing comic characters and books. In high school I always had 2 things with me a sketchbook and a walkman. They were a lifeline that helped to keep me sane. That lanky teen grew up, had a family, became a teacher, poet, an emcee, illustrator, and last but certainly not least, co-creator of Snow Daze.