Nolo / Manolo Cienfuegos

Leader of the crew. An ambitious and tireless ghetto escapee, clever and streetsmart and tough-as-nails, Nolo is an ubermensch persistently studying the bigger picture and resolved to remain leading from the front lines.



G-Mo / Guillermo Hernandez

Essentially the Number One to Nolo’s Picard, G-Mo is a reliable complainer and the very symbol of dedication. Shovelling snow provides structure to his fairly slackerish and lazy tendencies. If he had his way the trio would probably be lounging indoors while raking in the dough from their emergent empire.



Boy / Franklin Cole

A strong and silent introvert possessing an unusual home life and desperate for the money earned by their scheme, Boy is the lynchpin of the group.



Oscar Almonte

Helped shape Nolo’s empire. A former criminal several lifetimes ago, Sr. Almonte’s secrets guard themselves well, but as an impromptu father figure and guide with farsighted ideas Nolo could do a lot worse. The combination of his experience with Nolo’s talent and intelligence define the team’s success.



Simone Williams

A self-assured grade A student who dances to the beat of her own drum. She is also Nolo’s love interest, primarily appreciated from a distance. She can feel his affection but knows little about what keeps him busy.



D.C. / Dae-Hyun Choi

Oxenvale’s resident Korean Krylon ninja and blank-wall journalist. Perhaps not a formal member of the business, he provides tactical information and reconnaissance, becoming Nolo’s eyes and ears on distant avenues. A relative lightweight, D.C. would rather flee than fight but his other skills are indispensable to the cause.